Vermont Cold-Climate Heat Pump Incentives Extended

ARC recently learned Efficiency Vermont’s incentives for cold-climate heat pumps have been extended until the end of 2017 for Vermont home and business owners. We expected the discounts to expire or be reduced at the end of June, so if you’ve been considering a ductless or mini-split heat pump system, this is great news! 

Is a cold-climate heat pump right for you?

A cold-climate heat pump system can cut heating-related energy costs and and provide air conditioning in summer.

Efficiency Vermont recommends you consider the following before you buy:

  • Factor size and layout. Small homes and businesses with open floor plans can typically heat with one or two heat pump units. For larger spaces and those with enclosed rooms, multiple units are needed—one for each room or zone.

  • Know that it is not a one-for-one replacement. For most buildings, a heat pump doesn’t entirely replace the current heating system (e.g., furnace, boiler, woodstove). Its heating capabilities decrease as temperatures approach –15 degrees F, so you’ll still need a supplemental heat source for the coldest days of the year.

  • Think about cooling. Heat pumps cool as well as heat your space—in summer, you flip a switch to reverse the operation. So if you currently use window units for air conditioning, switching to heat pumps can significantly reduce your summer cooling costs.

  • Insulate and air-seal first. As with any heating system, heat pumps work best in an energy-efficient building. Before you install one, consider tightening up, air sealing and adding insulation. These are affordable improvements that quickly pay for themselves. An energy-efficient heating system is ineffective if the heat escapes through cracks and crevices!

  • Estimate your savings. How much (and whether) you save with a heat pump depends on the fuel you’re switching from, the heat loss of the structure (how well it’s insulated and sealed), your personal comfort level (thermostat settings) as well as the outdoor temperatures. Contact Efficiency Vermont’s customer support team for help with this question.

  • Account for all costs. A small single-zone system can cost as much as $4,250 installed, with a 15+ life span. Factor this in when determining if they’re a cost-effective choice for you.

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An outdoor unit installed above the potential snow line.

A high-wall indoor air handler for a ductless split heat pump system.