Asfour Guzy Architects Many thanks to Dan and Calvin (HP Cummings) and Brian (ARC), and everyone who worked hard towards this goal. I think it is especially satisfying for us all that the LEED certification was achieved after the majority of the design, engineering and technical decisions had been made. The Woodstock Inn Spa was well on its way to being a thoughtful building from a responsible environmental standpoint and the certification process allowed us to earn this special distinction.

Century 21 Energy Shield On December 17, your service technician was dispatched to check on the heating situation at a building owned by Vorachak, LLC – the property at 70 Hanover St. in Lebanon.

He did a quick job of determining what needed to be done, getting a thermostat installed and heat restored to the building, where the inside temperature had dropped to barely above freezing.

After a delayed fuel delivery that evening from Irving Oil, another service technician was dispatched the next day to be sure that things were under control.

The outstanding service from both guys, combined with thorough, professional coordination and phone conversations with Jody Perkins, really impressed me. And I will tell others about the great effort and representation your employees offer.

In a day when we too often hear about customer dissatisfaction and lack of service, you should continue to be proud of having people like this in your company. On a scale of 0 – 10, I give them all a 9.

BreadLoaf Corporation We express our appreciation for your company’s work on this project. It is often difficult to recall all the good work after a project is completed. However, your people stand out as making the effort and providing the service to our client in a manner that puts ARC Mechanical in the elite class of mechanical contractors. Special thanks are expressed to your whole team for their strenuous efforts to get the project completed with a commitment to schedule and quality.

Both Mark and Dutton agree that Rick Armstrong is an excellent foreman. Mark would also like to recognize Paul St. Martin as someone who did a fine job. They both put forth exceptional effort, staying late and doing that little bit of extra work, required or not.

The attention to detail, as well as your ability to recognize potential problems, was key to the success of this project. We look forward to future projects where we can work together again.

Cardigan Mountain School Please pass my compliments to the owner of the company regarding the excellent work done by your men who hooked up our new gas ranges on Friday. They were professional, courteous, and very accommodating. Every challenge and change to the plan was met with a “can do” attitude. They can work here anytime.

New Beginnings Farm Thanks to your Super Brad, who came out on a Saturday to fix our bulk tank compressor. We are back in the milk production business!

Thanks to all the people at ARC who helped us out.

Carter Community Building Association I have been working with ARC for 16 years. They have always been professional, prompt and knowledgeable.

Provisions International On behalf of Wendy and everyone here at Provisions I commend you for the extraordinary service that ARC provided to us over the last week. In circumstances that were anything but ideal – water, mud, cold, chaos – your crew worked above and beyond the call of duty and around the clock to provide us with heat and compressors. Each and every one of them was professional and incredibly helpful, even pitching in to haul muddy boxes of pasta up the stairs.

HP Cummings Construction Now that we are nearing completion of the project, we express our thanks to you, Mark, Brent and the rest of your staff who have worked so hard toward the success of this project. It’s been a pleasure working with ARC.

We are aware of the time constraints and issues that the project experienced. Your personnel treated them in a professional manner and timely fashion. Again, thank you for exceptional efforts on this project.

Morano Gelato I just wanted to send a note to thank you and ARC for installing the A/C unit and ventilation system – the conditions of my production area have significantly improved! I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me, check the system, and work with Morano Gelato on this project.

Pizzagalli Construction I thank ARC Mechanical for the professionalism and cooperation displayed at every level of your organization during the Theta Delta Chi Fraternity House Addition and Renovations project.

A project such as this on a college campus, in a landlocked setting, presented a wide range of challenges. ARC’s collaborative approach allowed us to successfully meet those issues. Additionally, we are pleased with the quality of your company’s workmanship.

That Little Spot of Red It has taken me a while to write this letter, but the sentiment is still the same. I commend you and your employees for doing such a great job putting in our new air-conditioning/heating systems. The job was slow, hot, cramped, and generally miserable (I think) and all of your men were pleasant, helpful, courteous and cleaned up after themselves. What more could any shop owner ask for?

I do not want to leave out your other staff – the wonderful women who put up with all kinds of misery when they answer the telephone. They were always pleasant and as helpful as possible when I called. Hopefully, I won’t have to call much anymore.

Mascoma Savings Bank As the Lebanon Renovation Project is winding down, I once again wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed your employees, in particular Tyler. He has been the face we have seen more often throughout the project. In today’s world it is a pleasure to have workers who have been friendly, professional, patient and accommodating throughout the renovation. This is something we have not always experienced when work is done. Our customers both internal and external were never impacted by unprofessional behavior.

We will miss all the interaction; however, I am sure that our paths will cross again at some point. Please pass on this message to all of the employees, including Dan who has been attending our weekly meetings. It has been a pleasure to be associated with them.

New London Cleaners This was my first job with your crew and I am very happy with the results. Travis and Jesse are both great guys that did a very clean and professional job. I look forward to many years of continued service with ARC.

Sigma Phi Epsilon, NH Alpha Chapter Thank you for the outstanding training on the SigEp mechanical systems provided by Rob from ARC. Rob demonstrated not only great technical knowledge but an ability to communicate to a diverse audience. He helped not only novices like myself, but experienced systems people like Bill McGonigle (our Alumni project manager) and Luke Beauregard (our property manager, Home Partners).

I will be writing up notes about the maintenance procedures and schedule for the major systems, and producing YouTube videos to ensure that those responsible for the SigEp facility in the future will have access to the same expert training we all received last week.

HB Energy Solutions The men did some very nice looking work, neat, clean and very respectful of customer concerns and property. Job well done.

Profile School This is to serve as a letter of commendation for Mr. Sawyer. Eddie has always displayed a high degree of responsibility and ambition. He is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition he has shown his ability to make repairs on any item we have asked to be repaired time and time again.

Eddie is dependable and has always shown up for work, good natured, and ready to do his job.

Eddie’s good judgement and knowledge of mechanics, mature outlook, make him the best person I have ever worked with in my twenty-plus years of service with the school. He is an asset to your company and this is the reason why I recommend ARC to anyone looking for the best mechanical contractor.

Stratton Mountain Resort Thank each of you for your hard work, reliability, cooperation and commitment to excellence. Over the past year our relationship has grown stronger as we expand into new areas of service. It is a great feeling to be able to rely on a group of people that are determined and enabled to perform a job right the first time, every time. The nature of our business presents you with some unique challenges, but you are always up to the task.

We have come to rely on your commitment to service as our business continues to expand. When we call you are always willing and able to help. I look forward to future challenges and improvements that we will make together and learn along the way. Our goal is to develop new systems/improvements and a remarkable service/preventative maintenance program that will become the template for other resorts and businesses to follow. Maybe, along the way we can even make skiers out of you!

Thank you again for everything you did, everything your crew did, and everything the gracious ladies have done.

HP Cummings Construction We thank ARC including Brian, Dan, Mike, Rob and Dave, as well as all the others that have worked on the Woodstock Inn Spa over the past several years. It has been a pleasure to work with all of your people.

As we all know there was an extreme amount of coordination and working together with all trades during this project. ARC was very instrumental in this as you helped set the tone to get it done, but get it done right.

We appreciate all your efforts and believe we have all created an outstanding project for the owner for years to come.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

VT Division of Fire Safety I conducted the final inspection of the Peavey House in Bradford, Vermont, which was part of the Bradford renovation project involving many dilapidated buildings turned into multi-family dwellings. I write to you to make you aware of the excellent job that Dan Boutin and his crew did on the plumbing and heating portion of this project. For me it was a pleasure to work with Dan throughout the project. His knowledge of code and his willingness to listen to and implement my suggestions made my job easier and resulted in a high-quality job that should last for a long time to come. His commitment to quality workmanship was evidenced when I performed the final inspections on these buildings and found no violations.

It is a pleasure for me to work with someone like Dan and I look forward to working with him on future projects. During the course of my job I inspect many projects and regulate many plumbers and I very seldom get to write a letter such as this one, but given the excellent outcome of this project, I wanted to make you aware of the success of Dan and his workers.

Kohler and Lewis Engineering I visited the Billings Mansion yesterday and I am very impressed by ARC’s work on this project. The insulation job on the Garn boiler is very impressive and I think that ARC really went above and beyond with the sheetmetal ‘ring’ that you fabricated around the boiler. It was very well thought out and well executed. The silicone seal around the top of the hatch to prevent escaping steam from dripping down the insulation is great.

I am going to create a new installation detail for the next time we do a Garn boiler project because I want them all to look like this one from now on! Any details that you can share on the insulation product that you used and sheet metal (gauge, etc) that I could include on the detail would be great.

I expect top quality work from ARC, but I thought that this was worth acknowledging. Your foreman Bruce and the rest of the crew clearly took pride in their workmanship and it shows.