Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration Systems

Installing and servicing all
types of refrigeration systems.

ARC can install, maintain and service any commercial, institutional, industrial or custom domestic refrigeration system including coolers, freezers, display cases, dehumidification or air conditioning equipment. ARC has worked with all types of walk-in and reach-in coolers and freezers for many years, so we’re confident that we can help you find the best solution for your business.

ARC offers 24/7 emergency support with trained technicians for your refrigeration systems.

ARC and Efficiency Vermont’s Green Grocer Energy Savings Program

ARC has partnered with Efficiency Vermont to help spread the word about their Green Grocer Energy Savings Program. By offering rebates for replacing or upgrading equipment, the program gives store owners the chance to reduce their energy consumption significantly.

Refrigeration is the biggest energy user in grocery stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores. It can account for more than half (53%) of all costs. This is more than twice what is spent on heating and cooling (21%) to keep customers and employees comfortable.(Source: US Energy Information Administration)

Energy efficiency can help store owners lower their overhead and achieve high returns on investments. According to Efficiency Vermont, businesses they worked with to make energy-savings investments in 2008 are earning a 50% average rate of return from those investments.

A few ways to save on refrigeration costs:

  • Door heater controls: Install door heater controls to limit the hours of operation of the door/frame heaters only to periords of high relative humidity.
  • Zero-energy doors: Eliminate the need for door/frame heaters by installing highly-insulated, zero-energy doors and frames on existing cases.
  • Efficient fan motors: Install brushless DC motors (also known as ECM motors).
  • Optimized defrost controls: In your walk-in freezers, reduce the cost of operating coil defrosters while maintaining defrosting quality by using hot-gas bypass defrosters and defrost sensors to engage defrosters only when needed.
  • Walkin-cooler economizers: Install an outdoor air economizer to bring cold exterior air into walk-in coolers.

To learn more about Efficiency Vermont’s Green Grocer program, visit their website or call or email ARC.

ARC Certified to Install Freeaire Refrigeration Packages

freeaireFreeaire Refrigeration of Waitsfield, Vermont has partnered with ARC to help businesses minimize the money spent on costly refrigeration and lessen their environmental impact. Freeaire manufactures products that can cut refrigeration costs by as much as 60 percent using cold outside air and an electronic controller engineered for overall system efficiency. Several ARC employees recently received training at a Freeaire training session and are now certified to install, maintain and draw energy data from Freeaire systems.

To achieve maximum energy savings, each Freeaire system features a powerful computer called the Cooler Controller™. In any climate this computer ensures that each component of business’s conventional compressor-based refrigeration system operates only as much as necessary. In colder climates, the Polar Power Package™ serves to harness cold, super-filtered outside air to be used inside for cooling, using just a fraction of the energy. The rebates currently available from Efficiency Vermont and many of New England’s electric utilities provide additional incentives for companies to install Freeaire systems.