Seven Barrel Brewery, West Lebanon, New Hampshire

Beer Chiller Upgrade

Beer Chiller Upgrade

The Seven Barrel opened with a chiller system designed by Stainless Steel Specialists of Quebec, Canada, to chill the wort during the brewing process.

The system was constructed of holding tanks and fermenters, with a main glycol loop that served each tank with solenoid valves. The heart of the system was a second-hand Dunham Bush chiller that was adequate for the process at the time.

Over time the system experienced a glycol pump failure and minor chiller break-downs. Although ARC’s service department resolved the problems as they arose, eventually the system was simply unable to keep up with the process load.

Seven Barrel’s brewer, Tony Lubold, worked with ARC to develop a plan to upgrade the chiller to a larger, more efficient unit.

The new packaged unit with its improved pump design increased the pressure, which resolved air issues that caused the chill plates to become air bound. The temperatures would rise causing the holding tanks and fermenters to warm up, forcing them to wait for the temperature to drop before another batch could be started.

The new system allows the wort to cool much faster which means each batch can be produced more efficiently. Plus the quicker the wort cools, the better the brew tastes!

Beer Chiller Upgrade   Beer Chiller Upgrade   Beer Chiller Upgrade
The Seven Barrel opened April 1994 by brewer Greg Noonan. Patrons enjoy the unique, friendly atmosphere of a neighborhood pub and brewery. The tired, old Dunham Bush chiller is ready for disposal. Unwrapping the new Whaley chiller.
Beer Chiller Upgrade   Beer Chiller Upgrade    
ARC HVAC installer prepares to pipe the new Whaley chiller. The new Whaley chiller in place.complex.