Mt. Ascutney Hospital, Windsor, Vermont

New Clinical Services Addition and Renovations

Hospital Addition

ARCHITECT: Morris Switzer

MECHANICAL ENGINEER: ARC Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Engleberth Construction, Inc.

10,600 sf clinical services addition for a new emergency department, with trauma, medical imaging, isolation rooms, small procedure rooms, decontamination room and expanded post anesthesia care unit.

Renovation of 6,800 sf of existing hospital space for expanded laboratory.


  • Installation and certification of medical gas distribution and new medical compressed air system.
  • Patient isolation rooms with environmental monitors/controllers.
  • Air handling systems, HEPA filtration, electronic steam humidification.
  • 100% outside air systems with energy recovery.
  • Contaminated waste storage system and monitoring.
  • Plumbing fixtures, drain, waste, vent and domestic water piping.
  • DDC automatic temperature control system with graphics.
Hospital Addition   Hospital Addition   Hospital Addition
Bed Pan Washer Handicap Shower Med Gas Setup
Hospital Addition   Hospital Addition   Hospital Addition
Roof Top Air Handler Roof Top Air Handler Roof Top Exhaust Fan